If you have a specific question for The Vino Beano team then please contact us by clicking here and we’ll endeavour to answer it. If appropriate, we’ll also upload our responses here.

Are all of The Vino Beano wines exclusive?

In most cases, yes. Our model is to bring unrepresented, high quality, artisan wines to market. However, if we come across something exceptional that has minor representation in the UK, we will still look to offer this at a competitive price. All exclusive wines are clearly stated on our website.

How quickly after placing my order will I receive my wine?

If we have the wine in stock, this can be delivered generally between 2-3 working days at a time/day convenient to you (for urgent deliveries we are happy to help where possible). As our stock wines are purchased directly from the producers, these may take a little longer, however, you will be advised when the stock is available for delivery when placing any orders.

When do I pay for my wine?

Wines or event tickets purchased through our website and due immediately upon order. If you have an account with us, payment is due before delivery, unless you have negotiated any set credit terms with us.

Do you host/organise any events or tasting classes?

Yes we do. We want you to be able to taste our wines before you buy them where possible, as we are extremely confident on the quality and value for money of our products. All events are listed on our website and priority will be given to our VB club members (generally emailed prior to the release of the tickets on the website). As well as tasting events/dinners, we also provide tailored tasting master classes, food and wine matching, and other wine related private events, so if you have any specific requests, please get in touch and we will do our very best to help you.

Can I buy my wine In Bond?

Of course. A majority of our wines will be prime for drinking now, but also have some longevity in them (see our tasting notes for drinking dates). Please make us aware when purchasing the wine, whether you would like them In Bond or Duty Paid for delivery. Wines purchased 'in bond' means that they have not yet had the Duty and VAT paid on them. They must be stored in a bonded warehouse approved by HM Customs & Excise and can only be removed once the payments are made.


  • The Duty and VAT is deferred. Should you choose to sell the wine on (‘in bond’) at a later date, you will never pay Duty and VAT.
  • If you choose to have the wine delivered, the Duty (see below) and the VAT are payable on the original sale price of the wine, NOT its current market value.
  • Wines to be stored ‘in bond’ are much more attractive to prospective buyers and brokers and when you come to sell on your ‘in bond’ wine, you will save the equivalent VAT and Duty charges.
  • Provenance - wines stored ‘in bond’ are easy to trace and there is a good chance that wines have been stored correctly.
  • There are a limited number of bonded warehouses but they are all secure and reputable.


We can make arrangements to store both bonded and duty paid wines in optimum temperature monitored and controlled conditions that minimise the risks of any spoilage occurring and will discuss the options and the current commercial costs with you upon application but as a guide these costs a budget of £12.00 (inclusive of VAT) per case, per annum should be allowed which also includes insurance for your wines’ at replacement market value.


The UK Government sets the Duty on all wines made available for delivery or consumption (Duty and VAT must be paid) and this is collected by HM Customs & Excise before delivery can take place. Rates are subject to change by the government at any time and currently stand at:

  • £2.08 per 75cl bottle of still wine
  • £2.67 per 75cl bottle of sparkling wine
  • £2.78 per 75cl bottle of Port wine
  • UK VAT = 20% (applied after duty)

Can you store my wine for me?

We do not provide storage through our business, but we can assist with the opening of an account with our provider, Octavian Wine Cellars, and deal with all logistics regarding to moving any wine In Bond from elsewhere, ensuring any purchases with us, are stored in your account. You will have online access to this at any time.

I am new to buying wine and looking to build a cellar going forwards, can you help/advise with this?

Of course, we have the knowledge, expertise and amazing stock to help you build a cellar many will be envious of. We can ensure you are given options to purchase our exclusive stock wines, as well as having access to our marketplace, to ensure you can have something that will keep you drinking for years to come, but also provide great diversity. This can be done on a purchase per case basis, or through our cellar plan where you can provide us an amount by standing order each month, and your preferences and we can provide our recommendations to you.

I have a private wine collection and I am looking to sell it. Would you be interested to purchase this?

We would very much like the opportunity to. Dependant on the physical and storage condition of the wine, we would either look to purchase the cellar outright for sale through our marketplace, or we can look to sell this on your behalf, taking a commission up to 10% of the sale proceeds (minimum charge of £50). However, in either case we would need the wines to be inspected by our warehouse in the first instance.

Do you sell wines for investment purposes?

Our philosophy is that wines are made to be drunk and enjoyed. Wines are a commodity, and as such are liable to increase or decrease in price, depending on market demand and other factors. However, we don’t sell wines for the sole purposes of investment. If you have any questions on investment in wine, or the market in general, please contact us and we will happily give you our thoughts on the market.

General Wine related FAQs

How do I take care of a bottle that showing signs of seepage?

That’s a simple one – open and drink it; and hopefully it hasn’t been adversely affected. Seepage is sticky wine on the outside of a sealed bottle and indicates that at some point the wine expanded and pushed past the cork, probably due to increased temperature. Also check the conditions you’re storing your wines at to ensure the problem doesn’t / hasn’t spread to other bottles in your collection.

Does wine age well in half-bottles?

Many believe that smaller bottles of wine age more quickly than their larger counterparts. This is because the volume of oxygen (which is the crucial variable in how wine evolves) is at a greater ratio to the wine in smaller bottles. And this can have an impact however other factors like storage conditions have a far bigger role to play. What we’d say is that 750ml bottles are far more common and because of the great wines and deals The Vineo Beano can offer you - Stick with these.

Domaine de Robert

Fleurie 2014

100% Gamay

An exceptional full bodied Gamay from Beaujolais with appealing notes of sweet damson plum, crunchy blackberry and tangy red cherry.

£80.00 per case (£13.33 per bottle)

Sylvain Morey

Saint Aubin 1er Cru Charmois 2015

100% Chardonnay

A tremendous balance between lively fruit and creamy textures. A sophisticated and delectable wine!

£240.00 per case (£40.00 per bottle)

Domaine Parpette

Condrieu 2016

100% Viognier

£180.00 per case (£30.00 per bottle)