Looking to Purchase?

If you’re a The Vino Beano Club member and/or a connoisseur looking to acquire a ready made portfolio/cellar or, you want to expand your existing cellar, you are in the right place. You can peruse and acquire personally selected and held wines by other Club members, from the growing selection below.

Selling your Cellar

If you have a personal wine portfolio/cellar, ideally in a bonded warehouse, and would like to sell it on, why not list your existing inventory here? You will be able to take advantage of The Vino Beano's personal brokerage services. Simply call us on +44 203 306 0640 or click here to email us (including details of location, condition, quantity, etc.) Once vetted, we will be able to add them to our listing.

Wines from our selected artisan producers

Don't forget to take a look at our fantastic selection of quality wines from hand-picked independent artisan producers by clicking here.


COSTS & FEES: We do not charge to list your wines here, however, a brokerage fee on the selling price is agreed with you in advance and is then payable upon confirmed sale. Delivery and handling charges are also applicable when shipping the wines to the new owner.

PROVENANCE: All wines must have a proven provenance that complies with our company policy.